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What is an international trademark?

The Madrid System is a system for the international registration of marks. It provides a means to seek protection for a trademark simultaneously in a large number of jurisdictions. The system is governed by two separate international treaties, the Madrid Agreement (Agreement) and the Madrid Protocol (Protocol).

What is the Madrid Protocol?

The Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks -- the Madrid Protocol -- is one of two treaties comprising the Madrid System for international registration of trademarks. The protocol is a filing treaty and not a substantive harmonization treaty.

What is the Madrid system?

The Madrid System is a one stop solution for registering and managing marks worldwide. File one application, in one language, and pay one set of fees to protect your mark in the territories of up to 97 members. Manage your portfolio of marks through one centralized system.

In which countries should I register my mark?

You should consider registering your mark in any countries or jurisdictions where you offer your products or services under that mark, as well as in those countries/jurisdictions where you intend to use the mark for your products or services in the future. Use of a mark is not a prerequisite for filing an application in most countries; however, some countries do have use requirements. Consult local counsel for more information.

The International trademark registration process:

1. Basic application
2. Formal examination by WIPO
3. Substantial examination by the trademark office of the contracting party

Benefits of the Madrid System

1. One application in one language;
2. Payment of one set of fees;
3. Seek protection of the mark in 90+ countries;
4. Seek protection of the mark in new countries that become members of the Madrid system subsequently;
5. Automatic registration in designated countries if the trademark office does not raise an objection in 12 or 18 months;
6. Any change of applicant/ownership information, limiting goods and services, renewal of the registration, assignment/license of rights in one or more jurisdictions can be made by just filing a single application.

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