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Business logo registration is an essential part and parcel of every business enterprises no matter in whatever field of the business. Logo registration is a process and one should take the help of trademark registration professionals in order to make this process really easy and simple.

Logo registration has many benefits once your brand gains traction. The little effort it takes will give you the ability to establish your right to the logo (or even word, sound, graphic or color combination) in court, prevents similar names from being registered by other businesses operating in the space as your business and is an asset any investor would be interested in knowing you have, as part of an intellectual property audit.

Why we need logo

1. Logo helps one in identifying the favorable goods and services and its respective origin.

2. Logo will make sure to clients about the same quality and reliability.

3. It is one of the economical ways of promoting business.

4. Logo will create a prestigious image for the goods and services globally.

Logo Registration Procedure

1. Search of Logo

2. Filing of Logo Registration Application

3. Examination of Logo Registration Application

4. Publication of Logo in Trademark Journal

5. Logo Registration Certificate

Logo can be used at banner, promotional letters, visiting cards and on other marketing products in order to become familiar among the target audience. Be sure that your logo do not matched with any of the other already registered business mark in order to have successful logo registration in India. Logo which is used customary and vogue in behavior may be not being registered under the act. But those with customary or vogue attributes but are consistently use and become popular and famous in the world can be registered under the respective act.

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