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Our team provides high-end patent drafting services through an elite team of patent agents, attorneys and analysts.

A patent application is a request pending at a patent office for the grant of a patent for the invention described and claimed by that application. An application consists of a description of the invention (the patent specification), together with official forms and correspondence relating to the application.

In order to obtain the grant of a patent, a person, either legal or natural, must file an application at a patent office with the jurisdiction to grant a patent in the geographic area over which coverage is required.

The process of "negotiating" or "arguing" with a patent office for the grant of a patent, and interaction with a patent office with regard to a patent after its grant, is known as patent prosecution. Patent prosecution is distinct from patent litigation which relates to legal proceedings for infringement of a patent after it is granted.

The documents required for filing a patent application

1. Declaration as to inventorship

2. Statement and undertaking

3. Proof of right to make an application

4. The authorization of an agent

Provisional Patent Drafting: our team team has drafted more than 300 provisional applications. The our team Team serves a responsible way of drafting a broad content in provisional application. This allows an extra degree of freedom to user while drafting a non-provisional application.

Non-Provisional Patent/Complete Specification Drafting: our team team always ensures a grant-ability and enforceability of a non-provisional or complete specification. For doing so, our team mandates the prior art search report either done by our team team or inventor. By doing so a drafter gets a clear picture that how the prior arts have been drafted, what are the key areas covered and their strength. This allows the drafter to draft a claim language and specification in a in-obviated manner.

Patent Prosecution Services

After patent filing and patent publication, comes a stage of patent prosecution which is critical of each inventor as this stage decides whether the patent will be granted or not. Here comes the expertise of our team team which has a track record of getting grant percentage of more than 50% (rest are still under prosecution or withdrawn). So we gives a distinct confidence to the client that if Trademarksinn is handing there patent filing and patent prosecution matter, then the hope of success is much higher.

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