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A trademark lawyer should be used when choosing a product name trademark or a trademark slogan. Ideally, your trademark lawyer would order a trademark search report. Your trademark lawyer should then counsel you on the results of the trademark search and whether it is safe to proceed with using the proposed mark. He should also counsel you on any questions you may have, such as how to get a trademark, the cost to register a trademark and how to trademark a logo or trademark slogan.

Trademark lawyers thoroughly counsel clients by listening carefully to questions or concerns regarding the cost and process of applying for a trademark. Lawyers also conduct trademark search reports and assist with the registration application.

Benefits of a Trademark

Registering your trademark guarantees protection by granting exclusive nationwide ownership and provides a basis for you to register for trademarks in foreign countries. Registration is official notice that a trademark is taken and reduces the chance of infringement claims.

By working through this process, you will appear on trademark search reports and help prevent unauthorized usage by ensuring the rejection of confusingly similar applications. Upon registration, the valid owner of the trademark has the right to sue in federal court and can recover up to triple the damages and fees in the event of infringement.

Do I Need an Trademark Lawyer to File for a Trademark?

You do not need an attorney to file for a trademark. However, the application process is complex and hiring a trademark lawyer for legal advice and/or for filing an application will substantially increase the chances of success of the registration process and will help to avoid any potential problems.

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