Trademark Legal Services in Richmond Town We are Trademark Legal Services in Richmond Town

We provide assistance with copyrights, patents, licensing agreement, and other contracts. But the largest part of our law practice is trademarks.

We provide an array of legal services in all available jurisdictions. Some of these services include:

1. Response to office actions
2. Cease and Desist letters
3. Filling Statements of Use
4. Trademark Defense

The law of trademark deals with the mechanism of registration, protection of trademark and prevention of fraudulent trademark. The law also provides for the rights acquired by registration of trademark, modes of transfer and assignment of the rights, nature of infringements, penalties for such infringement and remedies available to the owner in case of such infringement.

The primary purpose of the trademark laws is to prevent unfair competition by applying a test of consumer confusion and providing rights and remedies to the owner of the trademark.

Proper use of the trademark by the owner is also important to its protection. The quality of the goods and services must be maintained for consumer confidence and for strengthening the trademark. The owner should not weaken its own trademarks by using many alterations and blurring its distinctiveness. The more distinctive, the stronger the mark. The trademark owner can create a family of marks which keeps certain elements common among them. If these common elements become recognizable by the public as trademarks of the owner, than it is possible for the owner to have broader protection for other marks that incorporate these same common elements.

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